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Until that point, it is listed perfectly fine where it is now as it is still within the scope of this article. Like I said above, I use the app frequently, and have changed its language to English just to get to know it from a traveller's perspective, and I think it may need a further explanation seen as how the basic things are translated, but the somewhat odder things aren't.

I may well be wrong, but what I'm writing, in this case trains 'servicing' a station, is what I have been taught. Pacto del AtlAntico Norte, y Is vl' njo de losprimercs. If an article about rapid transit, urban rail or the like for the Netherlands ever makes it into mainspace, then we ought to list the Hoekse Lijn there instead.

Sprinters stop at all the stations along the route, while Intercities only go to the major stations. What would be the worst thing that could happen to you?

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The Noordelijke Nevelijnen, for example, is the name given to the collection of railway lines in the Northern Netherlands that aren't run by NS. Depending on how you drive, this can be varied, but not too much otherweise it would be incompatible. The sentence, however can best be changed to "Sprinters, or stopping trains, are nearly always servicing lines that also have Intercity fast train connections, so if you're travelling to a major station along a certain route, then your preference should be with an Intercity, which stops at less stations than a Sprinter and is generally the faster of the two services.

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Trains can get crowded from time to time to be honest, quite often, but NS and ProRail are working on this and storing your luggage at a central location in the train isn't one of the safest manners in the train travellers' point of view.

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I agree with Hobbit's points about a having a lead and 'understand'. The meters between the station and terminal can be covered on foot, but one can also take line 71 in the direction of Leeuwarden for a single stop.

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The view is fantastic and the surroundings are beautiful. There isn't any universal symbol for a Dutch train station, but the symbols used in stations can be found on Commons: Nieuwegein specifically is well within range of the Utrecht Centraal and Vaartsche Rijn railway stations, and to some degree Utrecht and Nieuwegein have melted together.

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