Climate change impacts and adaptation assessment

Climate change is expected to have global impacts on both food production and certain aspects of food quality.

The main effect is an increasing global average temperature. The Portal is in the first phase of development and is being actively populated with new program and site information.

The effects of wildfire on human health have been well documented with increase in wildfire frequency 1831323334351036 leading to decreased air quality 373839404142 and negative health impacts.

Adaptive responses vary in effectiveness, as demonstrated by current efforts to cope with climate variability.

Superfund Climate Change Adaptation

While societal adaptation to climate variability is as old as civilization itself, the focus of this chapter is on preparing for unprecedented human-induced climate change through adaptation. The website provides access to a broad range of region specific information related to historical hindcasts and multi-decadal projections.

Every American is vulnerable to the health impacts associated with climate change. Climate change poses both risks and opportunities. A combination of the magnitude of the potential consequence s of climate change impact s and the likelihood that the consequence s will occur.

The average surface temperature could increase by 3 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit approximately 1. Does the strategy minimize governmental interference with decisions best made by the private sector?

The degree to which a system is susceptible to, or unable to cope with, adverse effects of climate change, including climate variability and extremes. Strengthening these local techniques and building upon them also makes it more likely that adaptation strategies will be adopted, as it creates more community ownership and involvement in the process.

This interactive suite of tools allows users to examine storm surge, sea level rise, natural resources, and economic assets. Will the initiative yield benefits substantially greater than if the resources were applied elsewhere? Differing time scales[ edit ] Adaptation can either occur in anticipation of change anticipatory adaptationor be a response to those changes reactive adaptation.

The impacts of human-induced climate change are increasing nationwide. Would the strategy decrease the risk of losing unique environmental or cultural resources? Climate change poses both risks and opportunities. EnviroAtlas is designed for people from all levels of government, professionals, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations, and anyone interested in considering the benefits or impacts of a decision, such as siting a new road or city park.

This was judged to be the case even with aggressive mitigation and significantly enhanced adaptive capacity.

Climate change adaptation

For example, the adaptive capacity in Western Europe is high, and the risks of warmer winters increasing the range of livestock diseases was well documented, but many parts of Europe were still badly affected by outbreaks of the Bluetongue virus in livestock in LSPC has no inherent limitations in terms of modeling size or model operations.

The selection of locally and context-appropriate adaptations is enhanced by iterative and collaborative processes in which stakeholders directly engage with decision-makers and information providers. The strategies also may be applied to cleanups conducted under other regulatory programs or through voluntary efforts to increase remedy resilience to the potential impacts of climate change.

The website makes it possible for users to create customized maps using federal geospatial data and common geographic maps. The goal is to offer a tool to search for regionally relevant climate information, and to facilitate collaborative opportunities across the network of climate-focused programs and partners in the Eastern US.

Strengthening these local techniques and building upon them also makes it more likely that adaptation strategies will be adopted, as it creates more community ownership and involvement in the process.

Literature submitted for this assessment, as well as additional literature reviewed by the author team, fully supports the concept that adaptations will ultimately need to be selected for their local applicability based on impacts, timing, political structure, finances, and other criteria.

Given that greenhouse gas levels are already elevated, the lag of decades between emissions and some impacts, and the significant economic and political challenges of success, the IPCC group points out that it is uncertain how much climate change will be mitigated.

Economic impacts of climate change

To explore local climate change projection data across the United States, simply zoom in on a location of interest or type a location into the search field of the map.

Develop criteria to identify the types of remedies for which performance may be affected by climate change. Some have begun to take steps to adapt to threats intensified by climate change, such as flooding, bushfires, heatwaves, and rising sea levels.

The key messages were developed during technical discussions and expert deliberation at a two-day meeting of the eight chapter Lead Authors, plus Susan Hassol and Daniel Glick, held in Boulder, Colorado May; through multiple technical discussions via six teleconferences from January through Juneand an author team call to finalize the Traceable Account draft language on Oct 12, ; and through other various communications on points of detail and issues of expert judgment in the interim.

Confidence Level Very High Strong evidence established theory, multiple sources, consistent results, well documented and accepted methods, etc. August See also: A Guide for Local Health Departments PDF is designed to help local public health departments integrate climate change and health equity into practice.

There is less agreement on the magnitude of these effects because of the exposures in question and the multi-factorial nature of climate-health vulnerability, with regional and local differences in underlying health susceptibilities and adaptive capacity.Assessment Reports.

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These are published materials composed of the full scientific and technical assessment of climate change, generally in three volumes, one for each of the Working Groups of the IPCC, plus a Synthesis Report.

3 UNFCCC CLIMATE CHANGE: IMPACTS, VULNERABILITIES AND ADAPTATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES I. INTRODUCTION 5 II. CLIMATE CHANGE AND ADAPTATION 8 The need for adaptation 8 Adaptation and the UNFCCC 10 III. This page provides information about climate change and links to related tools and documents.

The page is intended for anyone interested in learning more about our resources and other federal government resources to support climate preparedness and resilience. May 09,  · The adaptation forum will provide a venue for leaders from all regions of the state to address the impacts detailed in the indicators report and the climate assessment.

In September, Gov. Brown will host leaders from around the world at a Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment. Climate change is a significant threat to the health of the American people.

Distribution of impacts. Climate change impacts can be measured as an economic cost (Smith et al., ). This is particularly well-suited to market impacts, that is impacts that are linked to market transactions and directly affect GDP.

Climate change impacts and adaptation assessment
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