Business studies unit 1 p1

This will get you P3 ii Marketing Research and Marketing Planning You must be able to show understanding of how different types of marketing research contribute to effective planning.

The consumers should be given high importance by the company while drafting business policies. A franchise is where a business sells a sole proprietor the right to set up a business using their name.

Unit 4 Business Communications P1 M1

It must discuss 3 points from each of the areas outlined below. Apple is one of the second largest information technology companies by revenue after Samsung.

The main disadvantage about a partnership is the shared responsibility. This is a good thing because it shows the other people care enough to donate their money to save the lives of people that are very ill and need care all the time.

It must include the following information a slide for each one ; Your business idea The Unique selling point USP The type of business Sole trader, Ltd, Partnership, Franchise and why you have chosen this type. The disadvantage will be that Rolex are one of the most expensive brands in the world a lot of people cannot afford to buy for its high price so I believe the high price is a disadvantage.

A business should develop its strategies to meet the requirement of its stakeholders. And today Tesco is the UKs biggest supermarket company by employing about people internationally and still expanding.

Sainsbury Plc satisfies its shareholders by providing moderate rate of return on their investments. I believe the advantage of having a Tesco in a local area would be that they will be cheaper compare to all the other stores around in local. The strategies adopted by competitors affect the business activities and may lead to frequent decision making at some time.

I believe the disadvantage of having a Tesco in a local area would be that the small corner shop etc. Emails containing poor grammar, punctuation and spelling are not encouraged in a business, especially with external stakeholders, as poorly written emails send out the wrong message.

Another advantage is the opportunity to more easily make acquisition, for example by offering shares to the shareholders of the target firms. To promote the products that the company sell they do many things from putting advertisements of their new products on the TV, they also hand out leaflets and put advertisements on other company website.

Accuracy is important if you intend to use facts and secondary information. One of them is the Ansoffs Matrix.Sep 09,  · Anyone currently teaching the new BTEC business level 2 unit on enterprise in the business world?

How are people introducing p1? Does anyone know any good resources for this unit? Im finding it difficult as it is quite dry and my students are quite low ability so.

Unit 4 Business Communications P1 M1 Pass 1 and Merit 1 for Business Communications - Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business. - P1 explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes - M1 analyse different types of business information and their sources.

BTEC Business unit 1 level 2 2012 help!

UNIT 1: Exploring Business Activity Deadline Date: 30th March As part of your ongoing training, your manager has suggested that you explore business activity.

You are going to carry out an investigation into two contrasting businesses Tesco and the charity Children In Need.3/5. BTEC Business Studies- Unit 1 Assignment BU1 -T1- Business Purposes P1 Jake Short Candidate No: EasyJet (Public Limited Company) The Red Cross (A Charity) Subway (Franchise) The Police (Public Service) EasyJet provides people with travel, throughout Europe.

Feb 14,  · Hello students! A very warm welcome to my YouTube page. I have now launched a website where you will find hundreds of videos, activities and lessons to. P1 Part 1 Research Unit 2 The Business of Travel and Tourism Dear Year 12 Areas to research for P1 - so that you pass it first time!

and the assignment with deadline dates that we agreed in lesson is here also Public sector. GCSE Business Studies - Past Papers & Mark Schemes.

Business studies unit 1 p1
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